Tuesday Tip: Stronger writing

writeHere are some tips I’ve found around the Web on strengthen your writing;

    1. Write in Active Voice and avoid Passive Voice. Daily Writing Tips
    2. Add words to your vocabulary by reading. Use a dictionary and look up words, and includes new words in every day speech. Dictionary.com
    3. Learn proper grammar and punctuation. Remember these are your tools to craft a story. Write Away! Writing Checklist.
    4. Learn to think for yourself as a writer to determine which rules (guidelines) you will follow and which ones you want to break. This one is my quote after years of learning methods, tips, and tricks.
    5. Read your writing out loud. Too often we get lost in our writing and forget the rhythm of sentences. 7 Reason Why You Should Read Your Book Out Loud.

Forge ahead without bogging yourself down with too many rules, while being mindful of guidelines.


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