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blogWriters may overlook the importance of having a blog, seeing regular posts as one more thing to take away from their ‘real writing’. Blogs, however, are essential to marketing in these modern times. They offer writers thousands if not millions of potential fans to discover your writing through a blog.

Some basics to a writer’s blog;

  • Show off your writing. A writer should have links or even pages dedicated to their published writing so readers can find them easily and quickly. Show your best stuff, and be mindful that every post also shows off your skill.
  • Allow comments. I pre-approve comments to keep the spam and useless comments to a minimum. Comments help in networking, provide valuable feedback on your writing as a blogger, and allows potential ‘fans’ to ask questions or tell you how they enjoy your work.
  • Edit your blogs for length and style. After I write a blog post, I often go through, and nip and tuck where I can. Entire paragraphs often get deleted to keep the post short and concise.
  • Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Your words are your craft. If you want to be applauded as a writer, you best show you have skill in forming a sentence properly.
  • Market your blog. Take the time to learn Internet Marketing. When and if you get published, you will find the Internet opens the entire world to share your work quickly and easily.
  • Provide networking linking. This should include Facebook, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and Digg (just to name a few). If people like your post, they will share it with their friends. Put buttons to make it easier for them.
  • Add a subscribe button. Many blog services provide bloggers an easy-to-insert code to put the RSS feed button. This allows visitors to subscribe by email, web site, or newsfeed reader. If your account doesn’t have one, consider signing up with Feedburner which does most of the work for you. (they also offer the networking linking and its all free)
  • Schedule your posts. You don’t have to add something every day. Once a week or even bi-monthly offers readers something to look forward to, providing you stick to the subject or theme you follow.

A blog offers a writer a valuable tool for networking and marketing their work via the Internet. You will find the blog will also evolve over time as you gain confidence and skill.


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