Friday Fun Tip: Evernote and note taking

Evernote_Icon_256I discovered the wonder of Evernote, and tend to enjoy any note-taking service that helps to make writing easier. As a blogger, I find ideas for topics tend to pop up while I cruise through the Web, or almost anytime I’m doing something. When I realized Evernote has an Iphone app, I was ecstatic.

Now whenever those ideas pop into my head, I can easily jot them down into Evernote. Its free, and pretty easy to understand the concept of notebook and notes. I sort by notebooks, adding notes and links as I need to. You can also add web pages, pictures, and files too.

en_notebook_132x26Another handy note-taking service is Google Notebook. It works much the same way, but I have yet to see an IPhone/Ipad app, or the add-on program that Evernote offers.

Google Notebook is also free, and easy to use. I keep an icon on my web site toolbar.

For writers-

  • Keep track of word counts
  • Add writer’s prompts and challenges
  • Keep track of titles, characters, or even summarize your book by chapters within a notebook.
  • Jot down notes as you need to.

For bloggers-

  • Keep track of ideas, prompts, and topics to write about.
  • Add links to other blogs you want to mention. (I file these under ‘bloggable’)
  • Create a blog schedule

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