If Writers earned patches

patchesMy son is a Boy Scout, and earns patches for a number of things. Its amazing.  There is a patch for pretty much anything. They have patches for ‘boy power’, computers, camping, the use of a pocket knife, tying knots, and so forth. So I got to thinking last night while sitting in the scout meeting, ‘What if writers earned patches?’.

The ‘Shut off your inner editor patch’– By turning off the self-doubt and other traits that hinder your writing, you earn this patch.

How to turn off your inner editor.

Fast Typing patch– If you type over 80 words per minute, you earn this patch.

Typingweb– free typing games and lessons.

Finishing a story patch– this includes short or novel length stories, but the novel length patch would be, obviously, bigger.

Submission patch- (no, not that kind of submission. Get your mind out of the gutter) you earn this patch for putting your work out there to be published. You also earn this patch regardless if you get accepted or not. It’s the effort to get published that counts.

Writer’s Market

Write every day patch– just as it states, you earn this by making a regular habit of writing every day. Some variations include weekly writing too.

Reading patch– as every writer should know by now, reading is as much a part of writing as the story crafting. You earn this by reading regularly books about writing, the great works, and books by splendid writers.

The Good Grammar patch– writers who practice good grammar earn this patch.

Grammar Girl

A blogger patch– As marketing online grows, the need to maintain a blog for writers gains in importance. This patch illustrates a blog but also scheduled writing, and interesting content.

Extra patches:

Feedback/Critique patch- you earn this patch by providing constructive feedback to a writer. You do NOT earn this patch by saying things like ‘oh, that was interesting’ or ‘I liked/hated it’.

What other patches do you think a writer could earn?




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