Worthy nuggets

39645bbe8aaf2fe0040402e9271402dac3c32850Last night,  a friend of mine happened upon the subject of blogging, where he admitted a concern that he didn’t have enough to share to post regularly on a blog. He added, he also couldn’t see writing every day a worthy nugget of information. He is so wrong. I told him so, because he often stays at my house for half the day talking over so many subjects. He’s entertaining and has a wealth of information he should share.

This inspired me to add what I’ve learned over the years of blogging…

Blogging facts: (or what I’ve learned about blogging)

Not all blog posts need to be nuggets of gold. They can be rants, reviews, tips, a shared link to a web site, a shared photo with comments, or just about anything that touches upon the main theme of your blog.

You don’t have to post every day. I find blogs that do post everyday a bit difficult to follow because of ‘too much info’. I prefer the bi-weekly or weekly post schedule. (Speaking as a reader)

Posts don’t have to be lengthy. Most people prefer the under 500 word mark, unless the subject offers compelling reading. Some posts can be as short as 200 words, providing its valuable information (or entertaining….or both).

You write towards a reader. Ask yourself who do you think reads your blog? My audience are writers of various genre and skill level, with the occasional interloper who happens upon a post that carries across many topics. All readers, of course, are welcome.

Blogs are wonderful marketing tools. Providing your posts are engaging (and I hope mine are) people will stay and look up your other posts, peruse your blog list, check your profile page, and with any luck, subscribe to the blog to get updates. You can occasionally engage the reader in what you’re currently writing about, if you’ve posted your writing someplace on the Web, or make announcements of joy or grumbles if you’ve accepted/rejected by a publishing company.

Write what you’d want to read. If you’re enthusiastic about writing, this reflects in the tone of your post, and beckons readers to read more. With any blog, or with any writing for that matter; SHARE YOUR ENTHUSIUM!

Blogging is about all about networking. If you find a blog you like, by all means POST A COMMENT SAYING SO. For blog writers, comments are nuggets of sweetness that keep us going. By posting, you also share links back to your blog/website. Add links to sites you like to a blog list to share with your readers.

Consider sharing the blog/link to sites such as StumbleUpon, Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites. This also helps the blogger gain more readers and shows appreciation.

In conclusion, if you consider that ‘you have nothing to say’ or somehow your writing offers little to the Web community, I challenge you that you are wrong. Writers are interesting people with all the stories, opinions, and creativity they hold within them. A blog offers an outlet to hand out nuggets of information to share with the world.


7 Replies to “Worthy nuggets”

  1. Great tips. I always want to make my posts better than the last, it’s quite hard to get motivated that way. Instead I’ve just resorted to writing about random ramblings. Blogging is fun, gotta keep reminding yourself that. :).


    1. My tips;
      -Add an email signature file to all outgoing emails. http://www.isitebuild.com/email-signature.htm
      -Offer to provide a book signing at a library or bookstore. Then send out a press release to alert the media.
      -Add your link to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and other social networking web sites.
      -Write letters to local schools and offer to speak to kids about writing and publishing books.
      -Add a blog to your site to enable visitors to keep up to date on current events of your books.


  2. Great tips – I’m a brand new blogger trying to use this medium to stay motivated in my writing. I especially appreciate your advice on frequency of posting. I still haven’t worked out a schedule except that I would like to post 2-3 times a week. It makes sense to have a set schedule to share my “nuggets of the world”.


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