Your blog is your house

As a blogger, and speaking to those who blog or maintain a web site they update regularly, I felt the topic of visitors makes for an interesting topic. Your web site compares to your home.

I often visit people’s blogs as well, and comparing a blog to someone’s house helps in manners and how we conduct ourselves online. You are a guest, and should act accordingly.

Some visitors behave as though they own the Internet, that sites compare to a public park, and therefore they are free to play as they wish. This is not true.

Internet etiquette, like in real life, demands common courtesy. You’re not allowed to spam comments, or stalk someone online. You’re not allowed to use hate speech or post inappropriate things. In short, you’re expected to behave like a human being.

As a blogger, I will delete or ban people who offer nothing but hate or empty criticism. I welcome constructive criticism. Don’t like my writing? You don’t have to read it. Think it could be better? Offer some suggestions, but if you post just to post then it will be deleted.

You have a right to respond to rudeness. This goes as much in the real world as it does online.


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