Spring cleaning and shiny new laptop

mydeskMy sister, bless her soul, lent me the money to get a new computer. I selected an HP Pavilion model via the web site that included a free upgrade to memory and hard drive space. I now have 6 incredibly fast gigabytes of memory, with a 500 gigabyte hard drive.

I have it nestled where the big block monitor sat, and now have tons more space in which to work on my desk (I do crafts from time to time). I also have a mouse and my familiar keyboard hooked up to a USB hub, expanding the USB ports to six instead two.

I’m also liking this Windows 7. There’s lots of features I like about it, such as the ‘fences’ which gather icons by category for the desktop. I also like the new Speech-to-Text feature which is easier and more instinctive to use than the Windows XP version. (You can just tell the computer to type stuff or even command it do things like open the Internet).

The speed is just amazing, and the graphic quality is also much improved. 

My workspace is clutter free, and now I feel I can get to work.

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