A Broken Chain

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The WriteChain challenge I placed upon myself fizzled out the other night. I waited too long to do the writing, and my family ended up interrupting me and I couldn’t focus enough to get it done. I found myself depressed over Mother’s Day, and stressed over other things, so I gave myself the day off.

I managed over 5,000 words in nine days, which is more than what I normally do. I was sure to write specifically with the novel, and 500 was doable in light I also blog, write tutorials for my work, and journal.

I think this illustrates that as a writer, you do need a day off from time to time. Coincidently, I got a very nasty Trojan virus on my computer yesterday, leading me to spend almost eight hours of working scans, and trying to work around this stupid thing.

spybot I finally managed to remove its evil presence. I highly recommend Spybot. Its a free program, small enough to fit on a flash drive, and works amazingly well in detecting trouble on your computer.

Malwarebytes   Free anti-malware  anti-virus and spyware removal download I also recommend Malwarebytes. This is also free and can fit on a flash drive. When you run the program, it searches for malware and viruses.

I also tell my fellow writers to BACK UP YOUR FILES. It takes a Trojan or computer crash to sink in how important it is to back up your work someplace other than your computer.

Back up to a flash drive. Also known as a thumb drive, you just plug in and use as a tiny hard drive. I have a number of flash drives for specific purposes such as my computer flash drive for repair and virus checking, another flash drive for photos and music, and another drive to back up all my documents.

Back up to the Internet. There’s a number of sites you can use to back up and even synchronize your documents;

Google Documents


Microsoft Skydrive 


Backup regularly. The more you write and create/delete files, the more often you should backup those folders.

Fortunately, I didn’t lose any data, and my new laptop is on its way. Hopefully, I’ll have it in my hands on the 16th, if I don’t go insane before then.


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