The Waiting Game

hp So I managed to borrow the money to get a new laptop. I had a few days of waffling between getting a desktop or a laptop, and what decided me was the hot summers and the fact that my office gets unbearable in the summer months.  A laptop enables me to get out of the house, move downstairs (or in front an air conditioner).  I also use PC, not Mac. I simply can’t afford the Mac systems.

I ordered via the HP web site, customized one of the laptops to stay within a certain budget .I upgraded memory and the hard drive, so now I wait for them to assemble it and ship it to me. This waiting is driving me insane.

I check the HP web site to see, just in case, the laptop is going to be shipped early. I suppose its one of those little quirks of mine, where I hope the act of nagging the web site will somehow nag them into shipping it faster.

So what does one look for in a writer’s computer? Generally, typing text doesn’t use up much in the way of resources such as memory or hard drive space, but if you’re like me who likes to collect pictures, and use the computer for things other than writing, then you have to look at the whole scheme of things.

I look for;

– A decent keyboard. As one who types pretty fast, I need a keyboard that works smoothly and instinctively. This means a decent sized delete key and I prefer full sized keyboards. My last laptop had this small keyboard, and I felt cramped. This laptop boasts a full size keyboard, and I can always plug in a USB keyboard if I want to.

-A decent screen. I read the HP Pavillion DV6 has a 15.6” screen. My current desktop has a 13” so this is an upgrade for me. Netbooks or mini laptops have around 10” screens.

-Battery life. If you’re a traveling writer, one who visits coffee shops or prefers to write in libraries, you might want to compare batteries of the laptops. Mine offers 5.5 hours, but I’ve seen some netbooks have as much as 9 hours of battery life. You could also just lug around the electric plug and sit near outlets to write.

Computer weight. Lugging around a laptop can be a pain, literally in the shoulders. This one is 5.4 lbs, but the little Netbooks weight next to nothing and easily fit into a purse. I need something bigger, however, because I use the computer for other things.

-USB Ports. These are crucial to backing up files to a thumb drive, plugging in a printer, or adding a USB Mouse. You should have at least two if not more. This HP has four ports for the USB.(Even with just one USB, you can add a USB hug to expand your ports).

– Software. You can always add the newest version of MS Office, but I’m content with the 2003 version and the Openoffice Suite. Just remember that including MS software increases the final purchase price.

-Wireless capability. Most new models of both laptops and desktop offer wireless means to connect to the Internet. I still like having a NIC port, just in case. I fix computers and sometimes its nice to plug into someone’s network to troubleshoot. Some models also offer Bluetooth or just wireless.

And just a note of those who are not in the know; You can install software such as LocateMyLaptop that will locate your laptop should it be stolen.

My laptop ships on the 16th. I think I might go insane before then.


2 Replies to “The Waiting Game”

  1. Hahaha!! I’m so happy that I’m not the only crazy person who drives websites crazy. When I send in a submission, I jump every time my phone chirps to let me know I got a new email. It might be an acceptance. I know I drove the webzine where I have a story up crazy. I’m in the April edition, but the editor didn’t put the issue up till like the 10th. Ten days of me checking every five minutes to see if my story was there. Most recently, I ordered books that another writer I know suggested. I know the website says it takes 4 to 14 days for the books to arrive, so the earliest they could arrive would be Thursday, but you can bet that I’ll be at the post office every day, just in case they show up early.

    Thing is, not only are we driving the website crazy, but ourselves as well. At least we know we’ll be in good company.


    1. I agree. The checking-web-sites-every-couple-of-hours probably lends to adding stress, but I can’t help it! Sometimes I just look at the picture and daydream that I already have it. lol


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