Writer’s Chain: Idea and Iphone App

IMG_0333 I discovered a neat Iphone app entitled Write Chain by HowNotToWrite.com. The blog alone is well worth the read for information and resources, but its a very cool idea and Iphone application that I found most intriguing.

A write chain is an unbroken series of days you meet your word count goals. If you select a word count of 500 words a day, like I have, then you try to keep the chain going by writing every day until the challenge ends.

From the site:

WriteChain is a word count tracking tool for the iPhone designed to remind you to maintain your writing practice.

WriteChain is FREE. Nothing fancy. No hidden editors or quotes or any of that fiddle faddle. Just a super simple tool that any writer can use to set a daily goal and hold themselves accountable to it.


IMG_0334 I can easily add the word count and see my progress. I then share this with my fellow writers for the accolades and cheers.

This is an awesome tool for National Novel Writing Month, or to simply challenge yourself. If you don’t have an Iphone, simply take up the challenge of a word count goal and write them down on a sheet of paper. Keep the chain going as long as you can.

Good luck!


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