Best Writer’s Group Ever

Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased over my own writer’s group, but I certainly find the wonderful camaraderie and friendship that’s developed makes it one of the most worthwhile things in my life.

I have around 6-12 people who show up, most are regulars. Many bring their own experiences and information, some lend a hand to organizing or they bring books, handouts, or things they’ve learned elsewhere. Its great.

So Saturday, while we get ready to start on our topic of Synopsis, one member alerts me to a lovely surprise; gifts! I was floored. It was something I never expected let alone suspected. When I opened the gifts, I was again stunned at how many and how they knew me well enough to pick such great presents.


The mug reads “I’m a writer…everything you say or do may end up in my novel”.

The T-shirt reads, “ Writer’s block; when your imaginary friends won’t talk to you”.

The mouse pad (which I still laugh out loud about) reads, “Do not disturb. Writer at Work. Exceptions; individual bearing coffee, positive critiques, publishing contracts, autograph requests. ALL OTHERS ENTER AT OWN RISK”.

I also got a gift card to It was like having a birthday party- no wait- better because it was so unexpectedly awesome.

I feel more of a real writer with all this paraphernalia to remind me. Speaking of which- I best get my word count for today.

Some members agreed to a writing chain. The rules are simple. Pick a wordcount that provided enough challenge for you but also allows you to accomplish. For some, this might be only 500 words a day, while others might pick over 1000. Any word count is acceptable. However, you must do this word count every day, without breaking the chain. This means, no day offs. You try to go as long as you can.

For myself, I’ve picked 1000 words that are NOT related to blogs, emails, or work related (like letters, articles, or tutorials). I hope I don’t wear my hands out.

I’ll post the next day my word count, and I challenge you to do the same. Feel free to post your accomplished word count and add a link to your blog below. Let’s see how long we can keep up the chain!


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