Fake memoirs

Where are they now

This article I happened upon this morning beckons the question of what happens to the writers who lied about their memoirs? Do they fade from the spotlight, or do they find another path?

Life moves on, as the saying goes, and for these writers mentioned in the article, they found different paths from where they started.

I’ve had friends suggest I write my own memoirs based on the experiences of violent harassment my family endured, the quirky family members, and the dramatic tales I’ve shared in the writer’s group. “Its gold!” one writer insisted, but I can’t bring myself to write about people I know. Such things carry a responsibility of truth and fairness to the people you write about.

So when these authors were revealed as shams, the realization of truth versus fiction encourages me to stick to fiction (and blogging).

Don’t publishing companies do a background check? Are such memoirs taken as truth automatically? If the stories are made up, is that fact lesson the impact on the story itself? I find it might offer something just as worthwhile to read, providing the writing is good and the content valuable.

The article presents only a brief insight in where they went, but the comments added at the bottom of the page also provoke some thoughts on the topic of fake memoirs.



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