Pen, pencil, or Iphone?

My Writing Spot When I first upgraded to an Iphone, my hope was to find something for reminders and to talk to someone while adding information to a calendar at the same time. The IPhone offers this feature, so when I get a customer needing computer help, I can easily schedule them rather than having to be at my computer or scrawl in a paper calendar.

A feature I find even more amazing is the ability to tap away words in a document, upload/sync to the computer later, therefore allowing me to write no matter where I am.

I can jot down ideas, character biographies, plot outlines, or just write the story on my IPhone no matter where I am. I also add blog ideas, craft projects I want to accomplish, and do a number of lists from my phone as well.

The app costs only $2.99, and although you can find a number of writing apps for the IPhone, some of which are free, I like how this syncs nicely with the web site, and I don’t have to have the Internet to use it.

When looking for a writing apps, you should consider a few features before picking one:

  • The app must sync in some form or another so you can add your document to the computer for editing. Methods include sync, email, or upload/download via the ITunes program.
  • Cost is another factor. Some apps are free or offer a ‘lite’ version, while other apps cost anywhere from $.99 as much as $29.99 or even more.
  • What formats are supported? I found a number of apps use the .TXT format, while others use .RTF or even .DOC. Some import in .PDF only and you can’t edit at all. Documents 2 for example imports .RTF and if I import a .TXT it will get changed to an non-editable.PDF.
  • Does the app require the Internet? This matter to IPhone users who have limited data plans, and limited Internet access. MyWritingSpot doesn’t require it, but others require a log in (members only) as well as the connection.
  • Does the app turn sideways? I require my phone to turn sideways so the touchpad keys are a bit larger for my thumbs. Not all writing apps have the ability to switch to landscape mode.

Remember to backup the files you create as well. I forgot to do this and lost a number of items that way.


2 Replies to “Pen, pencil, or Iphone?”

  1. Great post! I’ve been using this app for quite some time now, and it’s amazing. I’ll jot down everything from dialogue to short stories to random snippets of my WIP when they come to mind.
    The only thing I don’t like? When I write a full-blown scene and accidentally hit the home screen button and all my work is deleted. *sigh* It’s happened to one short story of mine and the intro scene of one of my more recent WIPs.
    Good luck with all your writing endeavors!


    1. Thanks for the comment! Have you updated the app lately? I find MyWritingSpot saves almost immediately.You can email the people that designed it to ask for help so it doesn’t happen again. I feel your pain. I remember years ago before I learned how to turn on autosave on my MS Word, I’d lose chapters of stories. Its enough to make you cry.


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