Collecting people and places

I’ve been collecting pictures in these past few years of people and places, and other things I find noteworthy. I collect them to inspire, mostly.

They gather in a folder entitled Inspiration, sorted by faces, places, and knick knacks. Sometimes I have to resize them to save space on my hard drive, or edit for clarity or color.

Some pictures are photos, while others are lovely renders of 3D images or paintings. I look for interest, mostly, yet also light, perspective, and that certain special ‘something’ that catches my eye.

I use the pictures for inspiration for stories. A photo might represent a character, but I might change the hair a bit. Settings garnered from pictures also lend to helping me describe a room or building, or even an exotic land.

You’d never think I could cram so many personalities and wonderful worlds in the My Documents folders, but I manage quite well.

Take the following picture; consider the type of person who would keep such a place. What do the objects tell you of their personality?

Now take the next picture and consider the story behind the face. Ask yourself, what are her hopes and dreams? What motivates her? What does she do for a living?


Maybe consider creating your own collection and see where the pictures take you?


2 Replies to “Collecting people and places”

  1. I used to do that, then I quit. Don’t know why either. It’s such a good idea and you’ve inspired me to try it again.


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