Stories from whence they come

Pagan I don’t often find inspiration from dreams. Other writers, however, often find the plot or character between the time of dreams and wakefulness.

Rod Sterling of the Twilight Zone fame, found lots of interesting stories in his dreams. Even Stephanie Myers found a scene from a dream played out the entire trilogy of her vampire novels of Twilight.

The trick is remembering those images before they fade. Keeping a journal at the bedside allows you jot down quickly the thoughts, ideas, and scenes that pop into your head.

Some argue that its those moments that your inner editor is quiet, where the creative muse is free to frolic, enables a writer to find the best ideas.

For me, daydreaming leads me to storytelling. I ask the ‘what if?’ question, turning plots upside down or inside out, and see where it leads. While washing dishes, listening to music while I drive, or in the quiet moments of my day, I find my mind wanders to this method of creativity.


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