Where the magic happens


The other day I found a quote by Albert Einstein “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” It lent to considering on my writing area, and how it affects my writing. 

As you can see from the picture, my desk is pretty messy .I keep a pile of papers from homeschooling, meetings of my meetup.com groups, and notes I take while on the phone scattered about the desk. You can’t see it but to the left and to the extreme right include more paper, drawers, books, and unfinished projects. I think it directly reflects my brain.

Top shelf- Picture of my son, a paper cutter, a bottle of vitamins, candles, and a can where I put change in. The computer modem is also up there.

Near the monitor- small measuring tape hanging to the left (you can’t see it very well) to measure things when I craft stuff, and to the left, there’s a ruler hanging there. A tiny piece of paper from a fortune cookie is taped to the monitor reading “The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work”.

To the left area of the monitor sits all my software, a can of pencils and pens, markers, and highlighter (and my red pen for correcting homeschool or editing critiques). I also keep a recipe box with index cards to jot down notes when I talk to companies on the phone, especially for bills and keeping track of passwords for web sites.

Below that shelf sits a receipt folder, notepads, and the little things that collect that don’t have a specific home. Then there’s the pile of stuff from my meetup groups, homeschool papers, and papers where I jot down notes, ideas, etc.

Behind where I sit, I have a bookshelf for homeschool items, writing, and file things for projects and my groups I organize. In an odd way, I feel surrounded by this mess that I prefer to think of my Chaos, my life.

And I know where everything is located. If I cleaned it up, then I lose stuff.

So I challenge the blogger out there to post a photo of their own writing area and share their thoughts on the topic. I’m curious to see how others setup their spaces.


2 Replies to “Where the magic happens”

  1. There is a picture of mine under the Photo’s Page–I cleaned it up for the picture! Usually, there is a cup of coffee, my camera, a pencil sharpener, my glasses, an ashtray, pens and pencils that I never seem to locate when I need them, stacked books because I need another bookcase, my rosary beads, rocks from an outing, silk flowers from my sons wedding 11 years ago, paper clips, scraps of paper and post-it-notes…oh my gosh…it’s a mess. I love it! But I was devious when I took the picture and cleaned up my act, for just a moment. 🙂


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