Having things in common

1280530709382205 Its interesting to find when I talk to other writers, we so often have things in common;

  • Even when we’re not writing, we tend to think writing, working scenes, developing characters, and coming up with ideas even without a computer or pen. Either to express our ideas, or weave tales, writers seem to carry that inside them all the time
  • Writers see the world with more depth. We have to, in order to capture the myriad details of a scene to flesh out the story. We perceive the world with all senses, not just the eyes.
  • Writers tend to write for themselves first. The act of writing starts inside of us, and it takes a while before that gets to paper, to be shared with others. I think this is why writers tend to be solitary people, because they are never really alone.
  • Writing is that special thing that lights up a spark inside of us. When I meet someone who also writes, you can see a light in them, and the delight to talk to someone who understands them.
  • Writers are readers, and many are often inspired to write by a favorite book or author. I’d like to think I might be able to do the same for someone else.

Most surprising was to discover many writers differ in some details, but when sharing their method of plot, character development, and story telling, another writer would nod their head in perfect understanding.

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