Epublishing- the new age of publishing your work

I was pretty excited today when I received an offer for my writer’s meetup group. It was from PubIt.

Barnes and Nobles are now offering PubIt, which lets you publish for ereaders. All I’d have to do is let my members know about it, post a small ad on the site, and comment at the meeting about this service. Being I’ve already discussed online writing, e-publishing, and the use of ereaders, this was perfect. The sponsorship could end up paying my meetup dues for the year. Its a free service, free to sign up, with cost only as a percentage from sales.

You’re probably familiar with Amazon’s Kindle ereader, and Barnes and Nobles now have NOOK. I have Kindle on my IPhone, and realized the other day that sometimes the two are not really compatible. Fortunately, I just needed to download the Nook app- which, like the Kindle app, is free.

Barnes and Nobles Launches Publishing Platform to Rival Amazon’s DTP. I’m rather excited with this technology, opening the Internet up for all sorts of writers to publish their work. It makes me wonder if we’ll see a day where paper book publisher goes to the wayside.

You can also find Amazon’s site offers this service, where authors can publish short stories and poems, and even newsletters and e-magazines. They also offer bloggers a means to make money by publishing through them, for subscriptions. I’ve earned some money with that method.

Kindle and Nook are different and they don’t share well. However, you can get ereader programs to read on the computer,or apps to read on the Iphone or Ipad.


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