Blogger’s Tip: Rude comments

d919bbba359457df281c805b39e662fd20a7e804 I got a rude comment today, so it provoked some tips I’d like to share to my fellow bloggers out there. Let’s go over some basic methods in dealing with the trolls, griefers, and spammers.

Trolls and griefers are people who enjoy visiting chat rooms, message boards, multiplayer games, blogs, or any site where they can cause trouble for the sake of trouble. They enjoy the misfortune of others and enjoy provoking fights or negative feeling wherever they go.

Spammers are a bit different because they leave comments that can be negative or positive, but its to link back to their web sites to promote their service and/or products.

First and foremost, ignore them. I never reply back, although it could be argued this entire post is my reply, but I would hate the budding bloggers out there to feel deterred by negative comments, and focus on the constructive comments (even if those are also negative..if they offer something to help you improve)

Delete the comment, especially when there’s nothing constructive offered. I refuse to provide an audience for negative comments.

Also bear in mind these are not personal. For it to be personal, the commenter must know you, and they don’t. They can only surmise from the blog the person you are. The anonymity of the Internet brings out the worst in some people, somehow prodding them to post whatever comes to their head.

Check your blog settings. If a commenter becomes trouble, check your blog for methods to ban them from posting. You can also change settings so that no one can post anonymously, or that comments must be approved first.

I figure its possible the negative comment received was by a person who doesn’t realize the readers of my blog, my intention of this blog, or that his words didn’t make sense to me. Being negative, however, prompts me to just ignore and move on.

I hope you find the tips helpful and you focus on the positive, supportive, and otherwise helpful readers of your blogs.


5 Replies to “Blogger’s Tip: Rude comments”

  1. Hey Thanks,
    I’m glad someone spoke out. I’ve just deleted weird comments in the past, thinking: What a loser! But I didn’t consider they had an agenda outside of being rude. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for the comment. Generally I get great comments like this, supportive words, and sometimes even friendship because I write online, so the benefits certainly outweigh the occasional negative comment. 😉


  2. I never understand when I get a rude comment. Spirited debate, perhaps. Even challenging my words. But not rude.

    I would never go up to someone’s house and say, “You know, you’re a complete jerk for putting up that window awning. You should be shot. No mortal should have window awnings like that.” Somehow, readers forget that they are visitors to your house.


    1. LOL Very true. I had to really wonder why the commenter said I was a whiner- I even went back through some posts because I certainly do not want to give that impression to my readers, but I have no idea where the commenter got that I’m a whiner. I must assume he’s a troll.


  3. Thank you for this post-it might not be directly relevant, but just to share: I had a rather bitter email exchange with this arrogant and hostile blogger Bon Crowder from mathfour,com . And yes I realised its best to simply junk her future messages to avoid wasting unnecessary conflicts.


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