The first chapters

1296954532924790 I admit to judging a book by its cover, but I also pick up a book to read the first few pages before deciding to buy. I find the story must catch my attention, provide character(s) that I care about, and offer a promise to deliver something- adventure, horror, suspense, exploration, etc.

The first chapters must offer these elements. At Alexandra Sokoloff’s blog, she writes about this very topic. Her post, First chapters, gives a basic understanding of what you need to weave into your story at the very beginning.

In fact, the first chapter often gets offered as a free read from some authors with the basic principle that the reader will want to read more.

Now get back to writing!



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2 responses to “The first chapters

  1. Love your post. I’m wondering if you could read the prologue of my novella and inform me if it capture your interest or you would buy such a book. it’s at At the “Story Zone” section.


    • It made for an interesting story but to be honest, I rarely buy books only because I live pretty frugally. You have a great starter sentence, and the scene built enough suspense and intrigue, I cared about the character and how he’d face the obstacles. Is this already published?


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