Stuffed up creativity

So I caught a really bad cold…or flu….or something. All I know is that its really hard to breath, my sinuses are killing me, and I can’t seem to do much in the way of writing at all. I’ve had to cancel my writer’s meeting, much to my dismay. I look forward to chatting with my fellow writers, hearing what they’re up to, and sharing writing activities.

I’m not sure why I can’t seem to write, but my head is so stuffed, I feel as though my creativity is also stuffed up. Maybe the mouth breathing makes me feel stupid. Maybe the distraction of pain and lack of sleep also nips away coherence.

This is day two of this wretched illness. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So I guess I’ll just stick with an update on current events-

I’m working on a web site for my writer’s group. I’ve added a chat room, message forum, and even a page for members to have their blogs posted. It still needs some polishing and more things added, but overall I’m happy with the results.

I’m also wasting tons of time watching Netflix, playing Sims 3, and using the highly addictive Stumbleupon toolbar. To give you an idea of how addictive, I’ve worn off skin of my clicky finger clicking through sites. You basically sign up and put in your interests. I’ve added crafts, bizarre, writing, kids, education, and scifi. So when I hit the StumbleUpon button, it takes me through sites listed with them at random. You find some very cool sites this way.

I’ve joined a gym. Before I got sick, I was going pretty regularly, and being only a few weeks, I already feel the difference. At Gold’s gym, they even have this ‘cardio theater’ which plays movies and you can workout and watch at the same. time. You can imagine how hard you workout through an action flick!

So hopefully, I’ll be over this virus thing soon and get back to my life. In the meantime….carry on.



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