I broke the RSS feed rule

I realized the other day, while explaining the realm of blogging to my writer’s group that I didn’t have a RSS feed button setup on my blog. I felt sure I did that, felt certain I had options for readers to sign up regularly, but yesterday I double-checked and nope, no RSS feed button. I did have the ‘share’ type buttons so folks can add to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, but that’s not the same.

So you’ll notice to the right, the orange rss button so you can subscribe to either a reader, email, or add to a start page. I attempted to find the WordPress gadget to insert easily, but found when I tested it, the feature didn’t work. Fortunately for me, I know enough about web design to use work-arounds.

I use Feedburner.com now owned by Google This gets inserted the HTML code by cut-and-paste, and added through the widgets though the web site. When you sign up, you can add a number of blogs, which can run statistics, monetize, and provide the code you can to your web site so your blog integrates seamlessly.

Feedburner also lets you have choices to monetizes with ads, and meshes with Google Adsense.

Any method that enables visitors to subscribe to your site is essential to gain readership to your blogs.



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