Motivation versus Resolve

1270334313987272 While perusing the Internet this morning, I happened upon this article on Want to Establish a Good Habit? Use This Secret Mental Force, by Mary Jaksch. As one always seeking the ‘secret trick to motivation’, my interest was definitely perked.

The author makes a very good point with the difference between motivation and finding resolve. Motivation tends to describe our state of being. We already have the motivations inside of us, so the time this wanes, where we don’t feel motivated to write, for instance, motivation isn’t there. Resolve, on the other hand, provides a means to understand that you need to write anyway. If you want to reach the goal of a published work, or even a completed novel, you have to write regardless of the motivation there or not.

I realized this works with many other areas of my life as well. Exercise is a great example. I don’t feel motivated to workout regularly, but I think I can find the resolve. I can accept that I don’t like to sweat or get sore, or make that effort, but the resolve to get fit, to feel more energy, to lose this stupid weight, then I accept those terms.

So I resolve to write regularly. I don’t have to have motivation, or even write well. I just need to write. I also resolve to workout. I don’t have to like it, or do it well, but darn it all, I will do it if I want to reach my goals.


2 Replies to “Motivation versus Resolve”

  1. The next thing is to write it down draw it sing it – I dont care – just animate it! A crucial part of succeeding with our goals is to arm ourselves with as much help and information that we can muster to stack the odds in our favour…..So take a piece of paper and write the following….Intention ..State your resolution. Next to each need write where you think you can access these resources and how you will go about the process of securing them.


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