Tips from a writer in Sims 3

Not my character I play the Sims 3 game, (picture to the left is not my character) and to my delight, you can have your Sim choose to be a writer! You simply start by typing on any computer and select ‘write a story’.You can even choose what genre to write in, and learn more genres over time.

I found a few interesting tips by playing the game:

1.Your Sim needs to write every day to not only improve their writing, but to submit work to make a living at it.

2. Your Sim will sometimes get lonely and need to get off the computer to socialize with other Sims in order to write.

3. Your Sim will get paid for both submitted chapters, but also book royalties for a certain amount of time. This means you must keep writing, continue to submit regularly because book royalties will run out, and its a good idea to have another book ‘in the works’ to pick up the slack.

4. Sims who have weight issues (overweight couch potatoes, and yes, you can pick those traits), will gain the weight back unless you exercise regularly..

Its sort of weird how I’m finding that by playing the game, happens to inspire me to write more. I also find it glaringly obvious that not only as writer do we need to write, to write every day, and SUBMIT our work in order to get paid. Now this might be so obvious to the usual person, but for me, as someone who tends to fear change and write, rewrite, and overthink her stories to the point they never get submitted, will never make it as a writer unless that changes.

While real writers might need socialization from time to time, I found the other day my personality doesn’t require much in the way of interaction with others. I don’t need it every day, and prefer ‘me-time’, by myself, on a regular basis.

I wrote a post on how much writers can make, and as always, its a tricky question because not all writers make the same amount for the same type of work. One publishing company might pay more or less than another so you can’t give any real sum of income as an answer.

But I will write more on this process once In get into it; which will be this year….its one of my resolutions.

pepperrose Being I want to lose weight this year (and I tend to be a couch potato), I’ll have to force myself to get out there and workout. The main choice of exercise will be walking my dog, Pepper- I have an Australian Shepherd/Cattle dog mix who needs to run off her energy as much as I need to get back in shape.

So I thought I’d share even the odder places that inspire me, like video games.


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