Writer’s Resolution Planning

write I’ve been thinking lately about what my goals as a writer will be for 2011. When I look at the pitiful list of 2010 resolutions that are woefully remiss of resolving, I must remind myself that change can’t happen until I’m willing to change what’s on the inside.

Basically, I procrastinate. I put things off. I drag my feet, figuratively and literally, in doing things, that I end up accomplishing very little.I hang my head in shame.

I can offer any number of excuses, but seriously, its all about my own needs and wants and the expectations I put on myself.

First, you should ask yourself why you want that particular goal in the first place. Because you think its an expectation of a writer isn’t a good enough answer. Remember, this is your journey- not anyone else’s. You’re only competing with yourself.

Will this goal make you a better person? Will it improve your life? How clearly can you see your goal? Do you feel you deserve it? Is it a realistic goal?

Asking for the meaning and worth of a goal can help explain to the inner self that doesn’t want to do the goal in the first place, sort of like the child within. Inner child doesn’t want to write every day, or set word counts, or work through writer’s block. Inner child wants to watch YouTube videos, play games, and do anything to avoid the work.

Inner child can be a brat too, so this is why we must embrace the inner adult in us and sit inner child down with a serious talking and figure out why we need goals and why they’re important to reach.

Do you want to write? Do you want to be published? That takes work, inner child! So stop being such a baby and get serious about writing goals!

Take the next few weeks to seriously think about what you hope to accomplish for 2011. Be clear and concise. Be realistic with your goals. Make sure the goal(s) becomes clear in your mind’s eye.

We’ll be talking more on this closer to New Year’s, so do your homework- inner kids.


2 Replies to “Writer’s Resolution Planning”

  1. i’m not a writer by any stretch of the imagination and most of my goals tend to be academically related but i can relate to stopping and thinking about why i want to achieve my goals.
    a very thought provoking post


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