Change is inevitable

penand_pencil_thumb I found the previous theme of this blog a big messy, which is weird because when I first selected that particular color scheme was directly related to its lack of flash and graphics. Switching to two columns from three I think focuses more on the blog entries, but this also illustrates how we, as people, change over time. What we like before, we don’t later.

This is also true with our style of writing. I read through some of my old fanfiction, cringing at the number of grammar and spelling mistakes, and finding that the two years I’ve been writing, regularly, offers improvement.  There were moments of clarity, of word flow that captured the story very well, while other moments carried as much eloquence as a bag of rocks.

I’ve learned the importance of improving the skills of word crafting. Storytelling is more than plot and character, grammar and correct spelling; its understanding word flow, formation of dialog, how to formulate a paragraph, and to create an ease of reading for the intended reader.

Its drawing a reader into another world, so they can root for the character, to share what this character goes through. Words tug and pull emotional reaction from the reader so they keep turning the pages.

Show don’t tell meant to me that you add description, but now I understand that its more than painting a picture of words. You’re not writing about the grief or joy of a character, you’re inspiring that same emotion from the reader. A well written story enables a reader to relate to the character, to sympathize.

I think its best to work through a change, to go with the flow and see where it takes you, rather than fight it. Thoughts?


2 Replies to “Change is inevitable”

  1. I’ve been writing fanfic for a good 12 years now and oh god how i cringe at my old stuff. It was full of purple prose and commas. OK so I still suffer from commas but thankfully my writings not as flowery anymore. Thank god for good beta readers!


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