Basic Blogger Tips

1247879009127865 Here’s a few tips to consider if you want to start a blog;

  • Where to put your blog? There’s a number of methods to use to publish a blog and the easiest involves a blog service. Not only do you get an easy-to-use template, you also get a ready-set community to appeal for readership. Some sites to consider are Blogger, or WordPress.
  • Which design to pick? A blog provides content that invites readers to return again and again. You want to avoid heavy-graphic designs or designs that ask visitors to download a plug in in which to view. You also want to avoid weird fonts and to offer fonts that helps readers to view easily. Twelve point font, preferably Times Roman, Georgia, Arial, and Courier are the best choices. Keep your blog easy to navigate and easy to view.
  • What to add to your blog? Content includes text, pictures, and even video. You want to entertain but also inform. By offering resources for readers to return and prompt them to bookmark, or better yet, subscribe to your blog.
  • How much to write? Length of blog entries vary from day to day. You don’t want too much information, however. Writing should be entertaining but relatively concise. Internet readers like their information quick and easy to read. Two to three paragraphs are fine for general blogging.
  • How often to update? This varies from blogger to blogger. Some maintain a regular schedule whether its daily, weekly, or twice a month. I admit I’m not as regular as I should be. My bad. Readers also vary with their expectation of a blog. Daily tips, for instance, should be daily, with the blog entry precise and to the point. Weekly information on homeschool events might extend to several paragraphs.

If you have tips, please share

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2 Replies to “Basic Blogger Tips”

  1. Design tends to be where I struggle – not knowing how to DO stuff and being stuck with the standard layouts, trying to find something that FITS me.

    I never know whether I’m not writing enough or writing too much. I just say what needs to be said.


    1. You could always add your blog to a web site as a feed. This way, you can design your site as you see fit (much like you would design something in a word processor), and have more flexibility with design. That’s what I did at my personal site I’ve added a number of feeds that automatically update when I update my blogs.


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