NaNoWriMo not happening


Trying to write through the National Novel Writing Month reminded me why I said I’d never do that again. November is one of the worst months to take on the challenge of 50,000 words in thirty days.

Its not going to happen.

Not this month.

The sanctum of my office gets often interrupted by my son to use his computer behind me, or worse, my husband who needs to work on Farmville in Facebook. Not a huge issue, except when I’m trying to lose myself in my writing, focusing my attention on plot and organizing the chapters. I loathe when someone reads over my shoulder, and its worse when I get interrupted with a question or comment.

I also don’t have a block of time where its just for me. I can manage to find the time I suppose if I insisted, but when I do, I get the offended looks and attitude of ‘what’s her problem?’. I ask myself is it worth the grief, and the following guilt I feel that also leads to distraction.

Excuses, I know, but mix it with a heavy does of homeschooling my son Monday through Friday, and we have no TV and use the computers to watch our entertainment, my demanding a ‘do-not-enter’ zone of my office becomes a bit selfish.

Depression hit me hard too, with the holiday of Thanksgiving looming, followed by my son’s birthday. I’m just a tight ball of stress at this point, hiding behind an exterior of false calm.

I look forward to January- a quieter month.


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