Our writing spaces

1283977653359513 Writers often have as much a personal preference to their writing space as they do their technique. I know of some writers who can write just about anywhere, while others require complete silence, being completely alone, and write only during specific times. Some prefer the computers, while others enjoy the pen or pencil in hand.

Where do you write?

My preference is writing at my computer, in my office. My office is also where I homeschool my son, and where my husband will use the computer now and then. I don’t write when anyone else is here, because they sit behind me and read over my shoulder. That annoys me to no end.

Do you need quiet or noise?

I prefer quiet. Sometimes I listen to music. I can tolerate a TV in the other room or the sounds of someone downstairs.

Do you prefer typing or writing out in pen or pencil?

Hands down, I prefer typing. I can’t read my own handwriting and I can type as fast as I can talk.

What word processor do you use? (Or notebook)

I’ve tried OpenOffice, but prefer MS Word for the wordcount bar and familiarity with the program. I will sometimes use Google Documents in a pinch.

Do you use other tools?

I use a free download program called WordWeb. Its a dictionary/thesaurus program that integrates with any program where typing is involved. This also works in blogging.

Chapter-by-Chapter, another free downloadable program, lets me break up the novel into chapters, and I can then use the find/replace feature in ALL documents, as well as organize chapters very easily. It works with MS Word and other word processors.

Windows Live Writer, also a download,works great for blogging. It offers added features for formatting of text and graphics.

Have you had anything published yet?

I’ve had a number of articles published, and I write blogs, of course. I haven’t published via a magazine or publishing company yet. I have a number of fans with my Morrowind/Oblivion fanfiction (which prompted me to write and actually share what I wrote with others). See my writing here.

Do you use wordcount goals or other deadlines?

No, but I think I should. That’s one of my goals this weekend; to setup a writing schedule to attempt to grasp this writing habit by the horns and direct it where I want it to go.

Clean or cluttered desk?

einsteins-desk Cluttered! I like what Einstein said about this subject "If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?"

Oddly, I’m pretty sure what’s on my desk and where things are despite the mess. If I were to clean it up- things would be lost.

What do you write?

I write this writing blog, another blog on pagan religions and philosophy, and a personal blog. I write articles for Associated Content, on various subjects. I also like to write in genres such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

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What are your goals as a writer?

I want to see my current novel in print, with possible subsequent novels soon following. But even if I never get published, its enough to write for my own enjoyment anyway.

How would you answer these questions yourself? Feel free to post in comment, or write in your blog and leave a link in a comment here.


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