Where stories bubble up….


Its sort of funny the reactions I get when I admit to folks in the real world that I blog. They practically light up with interest, and ask what topics I write about.

I maintain more than one blog, and my regular readers can attest- I don’t write often enough. Partly this is due to blogger’s block, but other times its because I’m busy with real-life things. Either way, I admit to the act of blogging.

Inevitably, I’m asked where I get ideas. It appears that for some people, the well of creativity is finite. A true storyteller, however, finds this concept ludicrous.

I can’t remember a moment where I didn’t have something to write about. Stories bubble up from dreams, meditations, or just mundane thoughts left unchecked. I come up with ideas while driving, washing dishes, or even teaching my son through homeschool. News and documentaries also kindle ideas, where I ask ‘what would I do if I were in that situation?”’.

Other blogs and story tellers also inspire me.I don’t plagiarize, but I can often expand or turn the subject around to something new.

My writer’s block tie into weaving words into something that makes sense, something eloquent. Even then, such methods allude me. This doesn’t mean I don’t have topics in abundance.

I keep a number of drafts, just started or half finished, in my drafts folder. I also have an idea folder, and I even record in my handy, dandy MP3 player that has a voice recorder some ideas. I then jot these down in a list I keep on my desk.

If anything, I find I have too many ideas and can’t decide which one to write.

Start being mindful of the moments of inspiration, and if such moments are few and far between, consider simply giving yourself permission to think outside the box, to turn things around and upside down. Go beyond your comfort zone. Ask ‘what if?’ and see where this leads you.


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