How to write

126759015651298 My handwriting is horrible- just horrible. When you need a Rosetta Stone to decipher your own handwriting, its pretty bad. Printed or cursive, my penmanship appears more of a five year old’ s than a 40+ woman. Some might even use the term ‘scrawl’ or ‘chicken scratches’ to describe  my script.

Typing, on the other hand, I excel at. I think the last word count speed was at 90 words per minute, with few mistakes, and I can type nearly as fast as I can talk. I figure, three years of typing classes certainly helped but it wasn’t until I got a computer (decades later) where I really sharpened my ‘mad typing skillz”.

Typing is becoming so valued in our modern society that schools are passing by on the cursive lessons in favor or typing skills. I’m not really surprised. We’re in a fast moving society, and everything moves to electronic anyway. Being able to input into a computer is not only needed but necessary.

Either way, however, I feel compelled to improve my handwriting skills, and this is what I found;

Improve Handwriting Skills:

I hold my pen wrong. Partly its because of being lazy but also because I was never taught different.

A method a friend shared with me is to wrinkle up a tissue and hold it in the palm of my hand using the two fingers (pinky and ring), while using the other fingers to hold the pencil.

Another tip, from another friend, included changing the size of the pen. Thicker pens tends to handle easily as opposed to the thin Bic pens I normally use.

Ink matters. Sketchy, blotchy ink makes any handwriting look worse. A smooth flowing type ink or gel pens work better.

Tips for Improving Handwriting.

Improve Typing Skills:

Proper placement on the keyboard is first the foremost. The chicken pecking slows your typing down but also forces you to constantly pay attention to where you put your fingers on the keys.


Once you master proper placement, typing becomes second nature, and speed improves.

Memorizing the keyboard. Knowing where the letters and numbers are, also improves typing skills.

Free Typing Lessons online. This site keeps track of your progress.

Check your typing speed. Easy online and free, this service lets you see your words per minute.

With either handwriting or typing remember; Practice, practice, and more practice!



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