What writing has taught me;

1247879009127865  I take the quote from Buddha “Its not the Journey, but the destination”, and realized this past year how much the process of writing taught me so many things;


Its the problems in Life that makes Life interesting, and often offer the most valuable lessons we are to learn.  While learning the value of conflict in plotting a story, the epiphany hit me how the same rule applies to real life. I’m a stronger person having went through tough times. Starvation, sickness, and being terrorized taught me I’m stronger than I think I am. A safe, uneventful life makes for dull living.

Don’t let the world act upon you– Take action in your life.Any story where the main protagonist plays the victim and never takes action to get out the his or her situation becomes a flat, uninteresting character. Its the characters (people) who rise above their troubles, to overcome those obstacles that inspire and evolves through life.

Even the jerks and bullies (antagonists) in our lives have motivation. Just as villains in your story need to have reasons for doing what they do, you’ll find this is the same for the antagonists in our lives. Understanding these people help you cope with their issues. At the very least, you can understand that you need only deal with them for a short while (unless you live with them).

Problems, like the conflict of your story, are challenges you must face. No one said life wouldn’t provide a myriad of conflict, sorrow, and all the other icky stuff. Some problems are exasperated by trying to avoid them or ignoring them. Face them, so you can move on.

Dialog should move the plot along. Most dialog in a story offers something to move the story along, whether that’s unraveling a plot, exposing information, or building the characters’ relationships. With people in our lives, what we say should have value, not ‘sound and fury’.

Writing, for the most part, offers the best therapy for me in coping with the day to day drama. Laying out thought to paper becomes a cleansing process, while offering a means to work out conflict through scenes and characters.

I hope you find insight in the process.


2 Replies to “What writing has taught me;”

    1. My husband would say I ’embrace the villain within’ too much for my own good. lol The whole thing between good and evil includes the vast gray area in between.
      I also recognize that being evil in video games is just more fun (Fable, Knights of the Old Republic, Fallout 3)


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