A Thank You to One of My Subscribers

I wanted to share with my readers how a nice reader of this blog emailed me to let me know how the Kindle subscription wasn’t presenting properly on the Kindle for her, and she so nicely added a fix for it. She added both her own fix, as well as a handy video in case I didn’t use Feedburner.

She added:

If you use Feedburner:

1. Log into feedburner.com
2. Click on the feed title in the "Feed Title" list
3. In the page that comes up, click on "Optimize" tab
4. In the left panel, "Summary Burner" will be listed as the last option. Check if there is a tick mark beside it.
5. If so, click on summary burner option. In the right panel, there will be a "deactivate" button. Clicking on that will turn off summary only feed option

linkIsn’t that sweet? See the video that gives easy to understand instruction, if you don’t use Feedburner, here at the site:

I still feel all warm and fuzzy inside for this thoughtful email. Thank you, Barbara!


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