Update: Kindle publishing


I considered giving up on Kindle publishing for blogs, but discovered today that I’m making $10.00 a month. Its not much but $10 is $10, right? Maybe with more effort to marketing, I can see more residual income.

How to publish to Kindle is simple:

1) Establish your blog somewhere such as WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, etc, and get the RSS link. Each site differs to where you find this, but its easy enough to Google a ‘how to’ on that subject.

2) Sign up with Amazon Kindle publishing for blogs. You will need to link a bank account to your Amazon account. I hope they allow for Paypal soon.

3) Market your blog(s). You can sign up more than one blog too.

I would also the following if you wish to publish your blog;

  • Have a subject or topic to your blog. Mine include this writing blog but I also offer a blog on Wicca and other earth-oriented religions. Don’t meander through mundane day to day topics that most people won’t find interesting. Write about your interests or hobby, and share what you know.
  • Include a screenshot or graphic for your blog. I simply use the PrtScrn (printscreen) button on the computer, and imported in a picture editor to make my graphic.
  • Remember that writing online means its important to add tags, keywords, and content that people are looking for through the search engines. This is where the genre of online writing differs from printed writing; success relates directly to content and its marketability online.
  • Comment and cross link with fellow bloggers. This helps get the word out about your blog.
  • Make subscribing easy by adding a Kindle Badge, or RSS feed link to your site.



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