Life’s Interruptions

So much for my plans for writing every day this week. Instead, the insidious demands of actually making money continually tempted me from the computer.

We moved the air conditioner that sat in my office to the dining room so the writer’s group wouldn’t suffer through the heat. Of course, this now means I must take breaks from the typing just to cool off. Its not real hot, but its uncomfortably warm.

Maybe I need to switch to the old notebook and pen method?

July, traditionally, marks “Birthday Hell” in my large family. We celebrate almost two birthdays a week through this month, one of which is my husband who turned 50.

I can say these are still just excuses, and if I’m serious about writing, I should still squeeze in the time for writing towards publication. Its like the Nike commercials- Just Do It!

Nike was the Roman goddess of Victory- now she’s a shoe, but I think the sentiment still rings true; no excuses, just do it.


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