Our Inner Monsters

I think the best villians lies deep within us. Its the darkness threatening moral values, the weaknesses we act upon, the petty jealousies, pent up rage, and other shadows that lurk within our souls.

These make excellent fodder for stories. After all, what is a good story but the inner conflicts endured and overcome?

Considering my own inner monsters, one need be honest with oneself. I carry a tremendous amount of lack of faith in myself, as well as a good amount of anger over the past. I do not forgive easily and I never forget. Does this become my weakness or my strength? Time will tell. Better still when I encounter others through life that might need a compassionate person who doesn’t keep walls around her to protect herself.

Consider your own inner demons, and then consider a story on how best to face them, ultimately defeating or even utilizing a weakness to be your greatest strength!


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