My favorite writer’s tools

39645bbe8aaf2fe0040402e9271402dac3c32850 What I use to help me along with writing and ideas;

A regular, purse-sized notebook– The pen and paper method works best for me during moments where I’m waiting in a doctor’s office, or those other moments of pause in one’s life.

Voice recorder- You’d be surprised you may already have this on hand. I discovered my phone, for instance, has a voice recorder, which works wonderfully to say my ideas and things I need to do while I drive, wait, or take the dog for a walk. My MP3 player also has this same feature, enabling me to simply talk out loud the creative process.

StayFocused for Google Chrome- Many browsers include add-on tools which offers timers and even blockers to sites. StayFocused is set for a block of time during the day, cutting me off from distractions such as Facebook, YouTube, and other productivity killers.

You can also find Leechblock for Firefox which does the same thing. In fact, it allow you to pick and choose blocks of time from day to day.

wordweb Wordweb is an add-on program for Windows that is both a dictionary as well as Thesaurus.  All I need do is highlight a word, click on the Wordweb icon on the taskbar and I get info on the word and choices for synonyms.

LiveWriter is my blog writing program of choice. I find it simply gives me more flexibility to writing and formatting blog entries, as well as adding pictures into the posts.

readability Flesch Reading Ease Readability can be found in a free web service or a feature in MS Word. (click link to make this an option) This allows you to view the grade level at which you write. It also shows you the readability of your work.

Chapter-by-Chapter is one my favorite programs to use to organize novels. Master documents in MS Word are known to get corrupted from time to time, so I use this small (free) program that works with word processing to organize each chapter into separate documents. I can find/replace ALL documents, and the program can assemble all my chapters into a single document for submission later. This also works with a program called SuperNoteCard.

Feedburner allows the author of blogs to setup RSS feeds on their web sites and online journals. I can then keep track of statistics of who visits, for how long, and what entries they tend to read most. It neatly packages the necessary HTML for me to cut/paste into my blog as well.

“Press It” and other share button services such as Google Share or Addthis or StumbleUpon allow me to easily click a button on the browser and it automatically sets up a blog entry about that site. I then add my own words and viola’! its posted.

portableapps_usb My Flash Drive– On my flash drive (also called a thumb drive) I back up my writing, but also add some programs that enables me to write FROM THE FLASH DRIVE. This way I don’t need to worry what program a computer has or where my bookmarks are. They’re on the portable hard drive. Check out for the free software that includes word processing, browser, and more.


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