Prime time to write

My fellow writers in my writer’s group often debate on the subject of best writing time. The stay at home moms argue of any length time to themselves, while the retired gentleman of our clique insists that you simply need to prioritize.

As a typical Libran, I see both sides of this argument. My own fuel to the fire included the best time for my brain to work is at night. This has always been the case, where I find words flow and writing is easier. There’s just something wonderful about the night, where no one calls me, rings the doorbell, or knocks on my office door. I can then ‘let go’ and just let words flow.

I can, however, force myself to write at any time, even during moments where I homeschool my son and he’s working on a worksheet or reading to himself. I will steal a few moments to jot down a few sentences or add a quick blog to one of my less formal online journals. I can do this, but its just not as enjoyable or as flowing as the moments of clarity I get at night.

I think the answer to the question ‘when is the best time to write’ settles on the issue of where you set your priorities.

Set writing goals. Even if its only 200 or so words a day, or take a day in the week that you set aside specific to writing with your novel.  Take some time to achieve whatever goals you set to practice self discipline.

Demand writing time for yourself. This is especially true for stay-at-home moms who continually sacrifice bits of themselves above and beyond the needs of their kids. Your children should learn that mothers need time to themselves, and to respect parents who demand it.

Accept that you have ‘best writing times’ that you won’t always meet. I certainly need to forego the late evenings if I have an appointment in the a.m. hours.

Write beyond your prime time for writing. This means writing even when its not  your best time. Force yourself. Accept it’ll likely be crap, but the idea here is that you’re training yourself to write anyway. Re-write in your ‘prime time’ when you can.

You’ll get there- word by word, sentence by sentence.


One Reply to “Prime time to write”

  1. I like these suggestions – particularly writing beyond your prime time. I regularly have to do this if I’m planning to write at all, and I know I’ll have to rewrite things but at least the ideas are still moving forward and the project doesn’t stagnate.
    Thanks for sharing this.


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