The stresses of my real life (as opposed to my online or writer’s life) continually drag my energies away from either. I’m left feeling a bit deflated of anything creative or worthy to say. Its odd because this was the very topic my writer’s group covered the other week.

Mostly we discussed the motivations of our characters and how important knowing that is for the author. You need to understand what drives them forward, to face adversary, and how they cope with the conflict at hand. Its not so different for the writer.

What drives me are the characters inside me that won’t let go, of stories that bubble up from the recesses and pour to the page in those rare moments of writer’s clarity. I’d write regardless if I publish or not, but what I’d write depends on a few things such as who reads my material, comments on blogs, or feedback I get from other writers.

Like a character, you should face conflict for the challenges they are. They will, after all, help change you, strengthen you, and shape your future. Painful as Life’s lessons are, they nevertheless the very thing that makes your life a story.


One Reply to “Motivation”

  1. When any “life” outside of what I want to be doing, where I want to be going, drains me or pulls me away (and it’s the pull that is draining)
    as in the cat’s meow for supper or the phone rings or — whatever — I often write about it – often use the “morning pages” idea. Just write the first thing in the morning to either get you inspired or dump what’s crusting the juice inside. I make sure that I don’t read the newspaper first thing in the morning
    But I know what you mean – I have stories inside that need to get out
    So make the distractions and drains into another story . “Life is what happens when you are planning something else.”


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