Writer’s opinion of writers

I found this little gem of an article, The 50 Best Author vs. Author Putdowns of All Times, along my travels in the World Wide Web, and found the topic intriguing. Its amazing authors’ opinion of other authors.  This goes to show you that everyone has their opinion, and you can decide if they are ‘right’ or they are ‘wrong’.

But what makes a great work in regards to literature? I think the great works often touch upon the human element that questions what makes us who we are, where we’re going, and what we can be. How this is accomplished varies with tone and style, and some books simply lack in character or skill.

Some friends of mine will affirm that Stephanie Myer’s Twilight series is a set of brilliance, while I tried to read through her first book only to find it too light and fluffy for my tastes. It is, after all, a romance story with vampires, not a vampire story with a side of romance (which I prefer). Does it make it crap? Only the reader can decide for themselves. Obviously its based on opinion.


One Reply to “Writer’s opinion of writers”

  1. I’ve been writing since I was twelve, I am nineteen now and am writing two very big MJ fan fictions, over 170 so pages each, with the most views. (MJIFC) Since his death, the inspiration and ideas have not stopped pouring, and it was the first time I wrote something so long. In past years I would begin stories, leaving them at twelve pages and then lost interest. But now I write everyday, and I just found blog, it’s neat. 🙂 I just had to comment because I remember when I read Twilight, and my impression of it was that it’s an okay read, a sweet enough story but it wasn’t very captivating. I agree, a vampire story with the hint of romance would have been interesting. Not a romance story with a hint of vampire.


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