What if writing made you money?

I was surprised to find when I asked my writer’s group on the topic of finding time to write, “Would you make the time if you knew your writing would make you money?”. Nearly all answered “Of course!”. I think this speaks volumes on the value many beginner writers place upon their craft. I must admit, I suffer the same low self-esteem to my own writing.

Naturally, the field of writing never promises you’ll make money let alone a lot of it, but you can make a living at your craft.

Make time for writing as if it were your job. If you were working a regular nine to five job there would be no question to the priority of time spent doing the job. People understand that you’re ‘working’ and doing something of value.

Consider treating writing much the same. The same respect to the allotted time to craft your novel, story, or article should be the same. Set time aside and write.

Consider writing to publish. Just because you’re writing a novel doesn’t mean you can’t make time to crank out  a short story or article to sell in the meantime. Many writers juggle jobs.

Some authors agree that writing various genres or stepping outside their regular genre often helps spark more creativity and improve their writing overall.

Set goals. This should be a writer’s mantra. Set goals for word counts, a number of pages, or writing within a given amount of time to dedicate yourself to writing. If you’re a writer- write!

Start from this very moment to consider yourself as a writer- one that will be paid for their work. Value your time, value your craft, and most importantly, value yourself.


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