Writing through a lens

I read an interesting post today on photography tips, and realized much can be said the same on writing. Here is what I found;

Look at thing at a new angle. When taking pictures, tilting or positioning the camera in a new and different way such as up close, in perspective, or changing settings on the camera often provokes some striking and virulent photos.

This is true with writing as well. One of the tips that you’ll find over and over by authors and editor  alike is make the story your own. Make it unusual, or out of the ordinary.

Look with new filters. Camera filters or photo editing software filters can really make a picture stand out.  Something typical and ordinary can becomes startling with a few adjustments. Sharpening or blurring, changing colors, or making a photo appear as a painting or drawing are new ways of looking at something mundane.

As writers, we also have filters. We see characters through the narrow filter of our culture, religion, and internal morals. The stereotypes of characters often holds us back from making unique and memorable characters. Sometimes even society becomes predictable if written with the usual filters of an author.

By removing or changing those filters, stories can take interesting turns and twists, adding interest and originality. Ask yourself ‘why?’ but also ‘why not?’.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Many photos provoke such deep emotion from despair, to joy, to outright anger. Your writing should do the same. Readers need to be taken on an adventure, but also care about the characters along the journey. You need to provoke the same emotions. A single line of dialog can replace pages if done right, and have more impact on the reader.

Its amazing where you can learn the little lessons of life.


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