Blogger’s Block

I’ve written briefly on the issue of blogger’s block before. Its not so different from general writer’s blog, with the same possible causes and even the same cures as you’d find elsewhere. Your first step to curing such blocks;

Recognize your audience. Some blogs might offer a general day-to-day ramblings of your life, but other blogs carry a purpose to share a message to a specific audience. Take for instance blogs written for dog owners as opposed to beauty tips, or scrapbooking projects compared to cooking and recipes. Once you’ve established the type of person who reads your blogs, then ask ‘What would they like to read?”.

Find inspiration. Inspiration comes in so many forms. You can find inspiration in the news, other blogs, pictures, or even daily life. Movies, books, and magazines offer a stirring of ideas, or the use of such exercises as freewriting techniques can also help warm up the creative part your brain. I find looking up quotes often provide something to talk about.

Use topic themes. Some bloggers use ‘Manic Mondays’ or “Freebie Fridays’ to narrow the topic on certain days of the week. I’m considering this for this blog as well, but uncertain to the specifics. You don’t need the snazzy phrases, but if you pick each Wednesday to share links or photos or even recipes, it helps break up the monotony of the week.

Hopefully these few tips provides you the start to working through blogger’s block and into the creative realm of writing.


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