Update on Kindle publishing

As I’ve written in a past post, I explored the option of publishing this blog via Amazon’s Kindle page. It sounds simple enough, and allows readers to subscribe to some blogs to update and read on their Kindles. For publishing, however, I can’t recommend it.

The reason I signed up was more out of curiosity. Make money by just blogging along as I normally do? Sure! Why not? If someone wants to subscribe and I can make a bit of money, albeit very little, I see nothing wrong with the concept.

Its simple to sign up. You get your user name and password, then add your blog RSS link. Once done, anyone who wants to read your blog on their Kindle subscribes for only $1.99  a month. You can imagine its not much for a writer, but I figure since I’m adding entries anyway, why not earn a penance?

The biggest issue I have with Amazon’s service is the lack of information you get. Google Analytics, for example, gives you things like how many readers/subscribers, how often they return, and other pertinent information about my readers. Amazon’s service can’t even provide anything specific to who is subscribing, or how much I’m making unless I download the .xls file. Its pennies, which is fine, but why not save me the annoyance of having to download anything? Why not be like Associated Content online and give that information directly under my account profile?

I suppose I shouldn’t complain, however. Its free, after all. They’re still testing the waters, I think. I’ll be curious how this service pans out for other writers, and wanted to share my own experience with anyone curious about this service.


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