Resolving conflicts

I’ve discovered that writing offers many lessons on handling Life. One of which is the issue of conflict. In the past, I viewed conflicts as nothing more than issues that serve to obstruct my way and make me miserable. Once I got into writing stories, however, I realized that conflicts offer a valuable learning tool. Problems help shape and strengthen a character. In turn, my conflicts serve to challenge me in real life.

This was such an eye opening for me. We can choose to be victims in life, or we can figure out a way to get out the mess. What sort of story would you have if your characters didn’t find some resolution to their conflict? You wouldn’t have a story!

Quite often, I find as well, that many conflicts are caused by something I did. For instance, reacting out of anger instead of temperance led me to anger some friends that never spoke to me again. While some problems end up being blessings, such as losing a job so you find a better job you love.

Real Life isn’t fiction, and we don’t get re-writes or editing. Everything gets written in pen, which only lends to take more care in the decisions we make. More often than not, our stories are many stories strung together, molding and shaping us into,  hopefully, better people.

What is your story about?


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