Writing through your fears.

One of the causes of writer’s block pertains to the internal editor every writer carries within themselves. Its that voice of doubt and constant correction to write correctly, keep the story going, and questioning the quality of an author’s output.

The writer’s group I’ve started for critique and feedback doubles as a support group. I’m often surprised to find I’m not the only one who questions their writing, worries senselessly if I’ll ever make something of myself, and am I writing properly.

Shutting up that inner editor can be tough.

Try freewriting. This method insists you write, without stopping and ignoring all protocols to grammar and punctuation, by the use of a timer. Once the timer starts, you write without pause about anything that comes to mind.  Ten to fifteen minutes can do wonders by breaking through the barriers of self doubt, but also enabling the writer to ‘warm up’ their muse. A number of my group’s members voiced how freewriting improves their writing considerably.

Recognize that no matter how good you think your manuscript might be, writing requires editing. The first writing attempt is always the draft copy. That being said, let the creative process flow by simply writing out the story to get it to paper (or file). You’ll fix the problems later with re-writes.

Include affirmations in your rituals. Before starting to write, make statements that are positive and affirming of your goals. These can include meeting challenges of word counts or finishing a chapter. Telling your inner editor to shut up also helps.

I’ve discovered through my experiences of 2009 that fear is part of being human. You won’t get rid of it. You must be able to work through your fears. “Fear is not the lack of courage, but being afraid and facing those fears anyway”


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