Blog tips

I’ve been obsessively reading craft blogs lately to fulfill my new addiction of making things handmade. This means perusing through a number of blogs, and I find myself too often hitting against a few peeves that hinder my reading enjoyment.

Don’t archive blog posts by date. I do not care in the slightest when or even how often you write your blog. When I enter a site- whether its a regular web site or a blog- I want to get to where I want to go quickly.  I want to find things by tags, keywords, or by category so I can get the information I want without having to sludge through useless entries that I have no interest in.

Do add tags/keywords to every post, and post the tag cloud or category list so visitors can easily navigate where they want to go.

Stick to the subject of your blog. If I’m reading for certain topics like recipes or crafts, I’m not really intersted in your personal life. On the other hand, if your blog is about homeschooling (of which I am one), then adding amusing stories of coping with day to day strategies might be entertaining.

Stick to the subject of your blog entry. I was surprised to find a number of blogs where entries meandered through several topics. This left me wondering why not break the blog up into shorter, more concise subjects, rather than force feed readers information they don’t want to read.

Develop the blog to lure in subscribers. If I feel a site offers more than just the one interesting blog entry, I will subscribe to a reader so I can get updates automatically. Make your site a resource, filled with useful, easy-to-navigate information.

Write like you’re my buddy. I prefer blogs that hold a personal touch, with a hint of humor and wonder. I don’t expect a blogger to be perfect. I expect them to be much like myself, sharing what they know, or sharing their experiences as they see it.

Recognize that the audience of the Internet differs from magazines, newspapers, or book readers. Your audience is fast paced, fickle, and not willing to stay to figure out your site when there are literally thousands of other sites to choose from.

Update regularly. Yes, I know I fall short in that regard. I’d rather write nothing than offer something uninspired. One 2010 resolution is to update regularly. I haven’t decided how regularly, but you should be seeing more tips on a weekly basis, at least.

Consider your blog, always, a work in progress, and a tool to reach readers from all over the world.


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