Publishing blogs with and Kindle

I found the other week that now offers bloggers a means in which to get paid subscribers available only with Kindle. I already have the means to offer free subscription via email or RSS feed, but this concept of the e-reader being able to download my blog entries intrigued me. It doesn’t cost anything so I figured ‘what the heck?’ and published this blog there.

I found its still in the wobbly legs of a newborn idea, being in ‘beta’ and rife with a few bloggers not really happy with the service. I hope they add the requests for improvements, but I feel the concept is sound.

For those unfamiliar with this technology known as e-readers, they include the gadget that allows users to download books and feeds to a thin tablet where they can then read with a large 6″ screen. Its only 1/3 of an inch thin, includes 3G wireless, global coverage, holds up to 15,000 books, a built in PDF reader, and includes a handy read-t0-me function for readers who prefer to listen to the words rather than read. You can sync the Kindle with IPhones, PC, Mac, and Blackberry. Prices for the two models available range between $259-$489.

I, personally, find the cost a bit rich for my budget, but for others I can see the appeal.

Even with that realization of paid subscribers, I realize I often become remiss of my current RSS subscribers and vow to write on a more regular, and frequent, basis.

On a side note-

The other day I also Stumbled one of the blog entries to StumbleUpon and got over 4,000 hits. I am both shocked and awed at the power of the web! I also ask you, dear readers, that if you enjoy this blog, please let others know. I appreciate the networking, and as always, the comments left for me.
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