A blog slacker

As much as I want to write more and update frequently, lately I’ve dealt with the complications that writer’s block- or rather blogger’s block- hands out from time to time. This extends to even leaving comments on blogs. I sit, staring at the tiny space allotted for my comment, and I can’t think of anything eloquent to say.

A well placed comment offers a blogger the impetus to write more, or can spark controversy. A well placed comment provides tremendous power over a writer.

For others who comment on your blog, its a good idea to leave a comment if only to let them know you’re aware of them and appreciate the input. Even with that, I’m left devoid of the proper words. Anything I type feels disjointed and just awkward.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to focus more attention to this blog, while pulling back or even deleting others. After all, the online journals that have only a few readers takes time from my other projects. I need to put the prod in productivity.

Another quest for the year ahead is finding willpower. Its unfortunate willpower doesn’t come in pill form, but hopefully I’ll find the means to cultivate that in my life.

Its my hope to muster up some energy to keep up with finishing projects and getting out there to be published.


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