I must say this year’s National Novel Writing Month simply didn’t spark enough interest in writing. I started off really bad with being undecided on which book to pour my energies into, only to go with my original idea. I then found day after day, the grueling chore of writing sucked the wind out of my sails.

I homeschool my nine year old son. The last time I endured the NaNoWriMo, he was in public school, enabling me hours upon hours to tap away at the keyboard. Now I have the in-and-out distraction of my son as he’s home, plus hours and hours of teaching him myself. After 4-6 hours of homeschool, I’m anywhere near in a writing mood.

So I guess this year I don’t win. With my choice in writing project, I wouldn’t win the little graphic or certificate anyway, but to look at the positive side of this month, I still managed to write more than I would’ve written without the NaNoWriMo.

With a week left, I could scramble and crank out the 35,000 words needed- its not too late- but I realized last week I’m in dire need of a vacation. I need time off of writing, homeschool, and everything else that’s not related to fun and celebrating.

Who knows? I might catch a writing bug and finish, but for now, I’m content with enjoying this week with my family- stuffing myself on turkey, planning my son’s birthday this weekend, and enjoying the season.


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